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From the store you can purchase a 4 Leather or Hybrid Mesh pocket. If you want you can fully Customize a Lacrosse stick and come up with your very own CoolStick If you're not sure what you want yet, print out the form and play on our Create My Stick until you decide on colors.

4L Pocket
4L Pocket
Hybrid Mesh Pocket
Hybrid Mesh Pocket

Why buy a CoolStick?

Because you want to get better and one of our sticks will help you improve!!!!

Also, you are getting a proven top notch high performance lacrosse stick that, besides being great looking, performs well right out of the box can design to your own taste or your team colors. The Pocket is pre-formed to feel and perform like your favorite old stick but the COOL STICK is brand new.

Our pocket is set to the maximum legal depth for ease of catching, passing, control/hold and a feel that will make you more confident. Super easy adjustment of the pocket, with our Patented Pocket Locking System so there is no more scrambling to recheck your lacrosse stick. All you have to do is tighten the leathers and you’re done. No more messing with all those strings.

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